Idjut Boys - Implant (Noid)

I've been waiting to write about a new Idjut Boys (aka Dan Tyler & Conrad McDonnell) release on these pages for some time now, but to be honest I haven't really been feeling their past few outings, but this new one on their Noid imprint is pretty special. Dem Idjuts have a pretty extensive discog of original prods and remixes under their belts as they've been at it for almost 20 years (!) their sound always going against the grain of the time. I for one have been snapping up many of their releases on and off for ages, some of their early stuff like 'Radio Rage' and 'Schlamm Me' (w/ Quakerman), 'Smoking Balls', and of course 'Girth Soup' I have seriously rinsed to a soft pulp.

This one entitled 'Implant' is essentially the same track on the A and B, (featuring the Full Frontal and the Back Passage versions), but damn what a tune. The Idjuts always had a heavy dub element meshed into their productions but this one more so, and I seriously love it; it's basically prime fodder for a heavy set starter that you could probably take more or less anywhere. Heavy dub vibez galore: Idjut trademark reverbed lazer sounds, squelches and bells amidst a ripe n' meaty sub/dub-style bassline that's pretty much aimed at shaking the walls apart. A smashing tune, no question!

Grab 2 copies of this beast HERE and double your mixing pleasure...