Magic Wand Edits vol 1

New Edits label coming out of the Is It Balaeric Camp. I'm usually not too big on the whole Balearic/Beardo thing so I almost skipped this while browsing the new disco pile at my local. Boy oh boy what a waste that would have been. The first cut on the A by French DJ Steef called 'Black Savates' is one hell of a trippy rework of a Black Sabbath track, clocking in at a whoppin' 94 BPM. Seriously lush stuff, can't wait to hear more more Steef. The 'Randy' track by Coyote, also on the A, isn't really for me (a rework of Randy Crawford's You Might Be Somebody with a little too many swooshes and filters and not enough oomph).

Meanwhile, Sleazy Beats' favorite BE (who should really put out more music, his stuff on Wolf, Stillove4music and Prime Numbers is just dandy) adds heavy drums and a killer groove to a track I don't recognize on the flip. Heavy stuff, if you like things heavy and slow (think KRL, Frank Booker) you'll love this one. Coyote finishes things off with Dolores (which scores way too high on my Balaero-meter, so not for me this one, but I'm sure it'll tickle many a pickle).

Definately worth the entry ticket though based on the strength of the DJ Steef and Be tracks. Head over to Juno and pick up a copy.

PS I stumbled upon this cheeky video by DJ Steef which goes perfectly with his lovely rework of a classic by The Whispers. Nice!