"Design a tee" competition

We get quite a lot of questions regarding merchandise, seems there´s public demand for sleazy tees. We´d love to cater to your every need but let´s face facts here, we´re no designers and don´t know where to start, and vinyl is so expensive to produce this whole endeavor is actually costing us money. In short: we need your help and a dash of good samaritanism (is that even a word?).

Here´s the deal. Design us a tee and we´ll shower you with love AND Sleazy Beats goodies (the winner gets a copy of every record we´ve released so far, including the forthcoming sampler 12" and, obviously, a schmancy t-shirt once they´re all done. We´re after a design that incorporates 1) at least one steamy vintage pinup chick and 2) is fit for plot printing (vector image). Please send your scribbles and sketches to:


We´ll post all entries on the blog (unless they´re done in MSPaint) and pick a winner in a week or so.