The Groovers - Chicken Noodles (Sad Ghost Remix)

We don't cover many digital releases on these pages. It's not that we're snobs (well maybe a little) but there's just too much stuff coming out these days to really keep track of what's going on in digital disco land. I'm really glad we got sent the Sad Ghost Remix of The Groovers' Chicken Noodle release that hit Juno Download a few days ago though. Sad Ghost is the alter ego of Another Night on Earth editor in chief Chris Keys, whose blog has been our favorite musical hangout for years now. We already knew Chris had a fine ear for melodies and song structures (his recent edit of Flower - For Real on American Standard is one of those tracks I simply can not stop playing), but here he showcases his talent for the deepest deephouse.

Despite the really unimaginative name (seriously, "the Groovers" is the best these guys could come up with?) the original is an incredibly deep and slow, erm, deephouser, with loads of oomph and acidic synths. It's mesmerizing, it's ace. The Sad Ghost remix retains the solid groove of the original, but its added claps, swirly bits and deep pads work a real treat. Close your eyes and it sounds a little like Charles Webster and Manuel Tur just made a tune together and then decided to drop the tempo to 96 BPM. Which is definately a good thing. Don't sleep on this. Have a listen to the Sad Ghost remix here:

the groovers - chicken noodle (sad ghost remix) by chris keys

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