Kultra Edits 1&2

Crazy weekend this has been so far. Food poisoning on friday (still feeling a bit woozy), my mixer getting seriously borked (an ECLER NUO5 that cost me an arm and a leg about two years ago but now refuses to produce anything but screeches and muffled static) and to top it all off one of my cats decided to use my copy of Rondenion's Tokyo Deep (on of the best records ever made FYI) as a scratching toy this morning.

Meanwhile, it's been raining fantastic releases over the past few days. The new Kolour Ltd by Alex Agore (with an excellent remix by our very own Tornado Wallace) is absolutely smashing. The Tiger & Woods camp drop another bomb on Editainment - Cleo & Patra - On The Nile - check the B1 track, it's ridiculously good. Golf Channel dropped off another pair of superexclusive EPs by DJ Nature, who does beatdown house better than Moodymann these days) right in time for the weekend. Don't sleep on these, the first two EPs he did for the label are already impossible to find.

My favorite slab of wax is the obscure-looking Kultra Edits 1&2 release though. The sales sheet mentions a 'Birmingham connection' and 'teased out epics', which reeks of a certain Mark E, now doesn't it? If you've been reading these pages, you should know by now we're huge fans of the way Mark E approaches edits, endlessly looping, building and layering until, after what seems like an eternity, you recognize bits of the source material. Sadly, he doesn't seem to be doing/releasing any more edits these days, so I was really happy when I gave the Kultra bits a listen and heard his magic touch instantly on the A track, a rework of UB40's Don't break my heart. Yes, I know how that sounds, and yes, I hate UB40 with a passion as well, but trust me on this, the track works like a charm. It's as slow and hypnothic as you like. If I were to play any festivals this summer this would be the closing track for sure. Killer stuff.
On the flip we get an uptempo afro work out that is nice enough, but not a patch on the magic of the A side. Superlimited pressing, so pick up a copy before they're gone and the discogs vultures try to suck you dry.

Go forth and listen/buy

Oh, and guess what we heard through the grapevine? Volume 3&4 are in the works, shouldn't be too long before they see the light of day.