Mark E - Nobody Else (Running Back)

Another couple of original production blinders from our pal Mark E of Jisco/Merc fame on one of our favourite German imprints, Running Back. A hefty package of trance-inducing deephouse this is that's likely to please even the most discerning of deep-heads. Ze A kicks off with the title track Nobody Else, featuring both an original and a beats version, both quite different. Boasting a midtempo deephouse beat, cascading bass stabs that cut through a distorted siren sample, all topped off nicely with what sounds vaguely like it could be Mark's version of rock the bells, we get a tight tune that all blends together amazingly to work a megatreat. The B2 beats version is perhaps more prime time fodder, stripping everything down but the bells and adding chunkier drums, which seriously works to magnificent effect - would love to hear this badboy dropped prime time.

But wait, there's more - the flip gives us The Wolf, another top shelf warm builder complete with nice synths, a fiery siren sample, and that classic low-down Mark E sound that gradually stomps and climbs, weaving itself up to the crescendo as only he does so well. For those who'd like a little something to play with, the siren is looped tight on the B2, for tossing in and out of tracks in your set, & feel free to keep it going as long as you'd like too cause it'll work it's way into a locked groove at the end...seriously love these things. A massively all-round lovely record here!

Get this one firmly in the bag, clicky clicky.