Sleazy Tees

Thanks everyone for sending in your ideas and designs, we've had some lovely stuff pop up in our inbox! Always hard to pick a winner so we decided to go with....two winners!

First up is Matthew McDonald's elegant Drop The Tempo design. Matthew, a graphic designer from NYC, also happens to make some of the sexiest edits around under his NoRequest nom de guerre. Make sure to head over to his soundcloud page to check out his tracks and fill yer boots.

Winner number two is 18 year old Lucie, a graphic design student from France. She did us a sexy design that works the vintage pinup angle in a really fresh way. Lucie's obviously got heaps of talent.

We're going to get in touch with the winners, get these designs over to a printshop as soon as possible and get some sleazy cotton action going. We'll make sure to let you know once they're available!


  1. yééééééééééééé ca défonce t'es trop forte sista!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fucking awesome! matthew is double rad -- can't wait to get one.

  3. I'm enjoying Lucy's design. Get it done!

  4. Hey really nice!!!
    Lokin forward to get a t-shirt!

  5. Need one too!!!! Nice work -> T-shirts and records!! ;)


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