Casinoboy/Toby Tobias - Alreet (Tracky Bottoms)

Man there's great records dropping left and right these past weeks. Ben Sun's release on Voyeurhythm is nothing short of spectacular, the forthcoming Wolf Music sampler is propably their biggest one yet and the boys over at Kolour Limited have a bit of a treat in store for us as well. We'll make sure to cover all of these in the coming days, but here's a quicky to celebrate the return of Toby Tobias' cheeky Tracky Bottoms imprint.

I'm a big fan of Toby Tobias, you never quite know what to expect when he has a new piece of music out. While some of his output is a little too nu-disco-ey for my taste, his productions skills always shine through. I like Mr. Tobias best when he flies under the 'Casinoboy' flag and throws those studio skills at some proper disco. The first two releases on his Tracky Bottoms label were superb (that never-ending edit of 'La vie en rose' has been doing it for me for years now) and this new one is no exception.

On side A we get Alreet and Omniad. Alreet is a pleasant enough deephouser, Omniad is a tasty midtempo shuffler with sloppy claps and chopped up vocals. Flip over for the flagrant badassery that is Paradub, with it's squelching bassline and sharp drums, and Ce Soir, a choppy chuggy boogiefest that is simply irresistable. All tracks will get a mean rinsing but it's Ce Soir I'm itching to play out the most. Have a listen to some snips here:

Toby Tobias / Casinoboy - A Night Out at the Casino EP mini taster by trackybottomsmusic

Pick up a copy here


  1. Easy Toby Wicked mix! Send me some of the mixes Toby
    I will drop it on my radio show!
    Each and every Friday 12pm-3pm Lena J@Y


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