Deadly Sins - Giant Cuts vol 3

The Giant Cuts crew continue their deadly saga (see what I did there?) with their third outing on vinyl. I don´t know about you, but I love to throw in some cheeky disco when I play slower beatdown stuff to keep things fresh and upbeat (and the ladies happy too). Let´s face it, there´s a limit to the amount of moody strings and deep pads a floor can handle...Deadly Sins aptly provide us with some prime dancefloor disco fodder for those moments. If you´ve been reading these pages, you know what to expect: extented and expertly chopped up disco beats and breaks, some obscure, some well known, with some extra oomph thrown in for good measure.

On the A, Mtume´s ´So You Wanna Be A Dance Star´ get the Deadly Sins treatment, turning an already grand original into a true and cheerful boogiefest. Sure to bring out some smiles when played loud. The Jackson 5´s "Mirrors of My Mind" is the next victim of the DS editing blade. A similar edit of this track surfaced a few years back on Underdog. That version was a right ballache to mix though, so I´m well pleased with this little update.

On the flip, Dolly Parton´s ´Get your hands off my potential boyfriend´ gets reworked into a long and sweet balearic journey. I know how unlikely that sounds, but it works really well (ask Eric Duncan, who releases an edit of the same track on his new Keep it Cheap imprint). Finally, we get ´What About Lola´. Remember that horrid ´Lola´s Theme´ by the Shapeshifters that everyone and his mum played a few years ago? Here we get an edit of the original, starting with a great loop of ´that hook´ before morphing into the sweet tones of the original. Presto: the perfect party starter.

GC003 clips by Deadly Sins

Time to bag this badboy then, perfect secret-disco weapon. The first two releases sold out rather quickly, so don´t sleep on this. Check Juno Download for some digi-only bits from Deadly Sins too if you´re that way inclined. I have a bit of a soft spot for ´Feeling something´, the bonus cut on volume 1. Ace stuff.