Trickski - After & Before Ep (Suol Germany)

Berlin heavyweights Trickski have been at it again, and are quickly making a smooth transition into 'buy-on-sight' territory for us here at SBHQ. These guys have seen massive success with their releases in the past on many of our fave labels such as Stillloveformusic, Future Classic, and DOG (the latter release we covered here on these pages earlier this year). Their latest release - dubbed the After and Before Ep on Suol Germany (formerly known as Baalsaal) is honestly nothing short of astounding, as it features what Juno have anointed 'one of the year's best slo-mo jams'. All diction/adjective usage aside, and as much as we've come to seriously hate the term - they're probably not far off the mark.

Many of our readers will already know about the one we're talking about here as a) the hype surrounding it has been pretty huge for months now and b) it has been out for a bit already. We are of course talking about the long-awaited and highly anticipated 'Pill Collins'. Starting off with a muted piano riff that instantly grabs you and wraps you in a nice fuzzy blanket of 100bpm rhythm, it builds and winds steadily and doesn't let go till the end apart from a more or less monumental breakdown that'll probably have you doing unspeakable things. It seriously sounds biiig, can't wait to hear it on a real system. Have a listen to 'Pill Collins' below if you haven't already:

Pill Collins by trickski

Oh yes, there's also another version of this tune on the flip with a remix by H.O.S.H., which is decent - slightly more uptempo although a bit too peaktime for my liking, and it's damn hard to hold a patch to the original I think. Also worthy of mention is the rmx of 'Point 0' by Suol heads Chopstick and Johnjon, who have created a pleasantly sleazier affair of the original version of Point 0 on the flip that's a nice deep n' chuggy slugger, complete with a megasweet slap bass. I'm not big on the evil effect used on the vocal at the breakdowns, but it luckily only comes in at the 2 breakdowns - and the track itself is a damn fine one, and easily play worthy for me.

This great record has already been on the shelves for a bit and will very likely sell out so grab your copy today.


  1. Kind of silly to the extend that it spoils the tune for me - it bothers me that it's so unoriginal. Feels like they just made a version of Pitto's approach to the song tailored for the slowmo-lovers.

  2. tough to not use that massive piano riff if you're going to edit this tune though, it's just too catchy

  3. at anonymous: as if pito has an exclusive copyright on phil collins "not moving" track. I think it has a totally different vibe and feel to it thus makes it an original. I mean: not moving is a track on the megaseller "face value" and not a super-rare digger tune.

    I love pill collins. at least they did not hide that it was phil who is responsible for part of the magic. credits, you know...

  4. @ anoymous: I 'd never complain about the samples not being a "rare gem" or disguising it's origin. All of that is very great the way it is.
    I just don't think it's original compared to a remix/edit of the same material that's already been out quite a while (Pitto's), although it's a different vibe, I give you that.

    The Idjut Boys' take is also great.
    Phil makes for some good source material!


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