Whiskey Disco - Boogie Bodega

The fifth release on Sleazy McQueen's classy Whiskey Disco imprint is a downright clusterbomb. Cosmic Boogie starts things off with the deliciously slow and soulful 'How can you say goodbye', one of those tracks that even your gran will like. The real boogie juices start flowing once Rayko (one of Soundcloud's current darlings, check out his page, he has loads of great bits up there at the moment) mans the controls. His S&M (Sexy Music) is a proper chunk of 80s quirky boogie with wonky synths, sharp drums and inane vocals. Drop this at the right moment and the floor will be yours to keep.

On the flip, Anthony Mansfield reworks 'Hercules', a most tasty 70s vocal blaxploitation jazzfunk track. Mr Mansfield wields the editing blade with predictable style and grace, and keeps the warm, hazy vibe of the track in tact. Not one for the clubs, but a perfect track for bars, restaurants and outdoor parties. A Whiskey Disco party is not complete without an appearance by owner Sleazy McQueen, who transforms Stevie Wonders rather cheesy Do I Do in a chunky bit of dancefloor fodder. The added squelching bassline and heavy drums work a treat and make this track the pick of the crop for me. Don't take my word for it though, check it out here:

Stevie Wonder- Do I Do (SMQRe-Edit) by SleazyMcQueen

In a recent interview with the kind people over at Deepcast, we predicted great things for all things Boogie in 2011. Whiskey Disco might just be leading the pack with this fine release.

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  1. Laurin "Sleazy" McQueenSeptember 20, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    Thanks for the review guys, you know you're my favorite dopple-namer. ;)


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