Wolf Music - Paw To The Floor EP

A new record from those lovely guys over at Wolf Music is always a special treat, but sweet Jebus, they really outdid themselves with the ´Paw To The Floor EP´. As we´ve come to expect from the Wolf camp, it´s another mini-compilation, which means full bang for your buck: 4 tracks by 4 different producers. Things start off with The Dead Rose Music Company´s "Just a Bitter Love", a piano-laden chugfest with the most irresistable breakdown I´ve heard all year. A classic in the making, and a fine showcase of what the Dead Rose crew are capable of. Watch those guys, they´re about to drop the first single on their own imprint Taikomochi , and will make an appearance on Sleazy Beats vinyl in 2011. Next up on side A is Melbourne-based youngster The Francis Inferno Orchestra. Hot on the heels of his classy debut on Dikso comes his ´Time for Tea´, a classy moody midtempo deephouse workout with a relentless groove wrapped around subdued diva vocals. I love everything FIO touches these days (we snapped up a few of his tracks for a forthcoming Sleazy Beats Single).

These two tracks alone are worth the entry ticket, but the fun definately doesn´t end here. On the flip Wolf Music regular Greymatter reconstructs a well-known 80s tune into a fresh leftfield bomb with crisp drums and haunting vocal loops. Session Victim - by far my favorite Berliners at the moment - top things off with We Want To Thank All Our Friends, a slow deephouser that oozes drive and soul. If you like the stuff Session Victim have been putting out on Retreat you´ll love this one.

Clusterbomb of a record then, with 4 tracks I wish we´d have signed ourselves. We´ve had this for a few weeks now and just can´t get enough of this baby. Essential stuff ladies and gentlemen of the beatdown disco persuasion. Make sure to check out all the tracks, but here´s a snip of the Dead Rose´s cut to begin with:

buy on sight.