Cruel L Grand Orchestra - Barbarella * Eddie C remixes

Sorry we haven´t been posting much these past weeks, things are busy at the moment and we´re getting everything ready for our next release (more on that bit of exciting news to follow soon). Couldn't let Eddie's pair of incredibly sexy remixes of Cruel L Grand Orchestra's Candy Mountain in the Rainy Woods pass without a quick headsup though. Both takes of this classic clock in at around 105 BPM and have those dreamy, subtle drums Eddie is so good at and take you straight to wonderland. Delight of a record after the rather overhyped and disappointing Theo Parrish remix of More than Paradise on this Japanese imprint.

Yes, the record is stupidly overpriced. Yes, it's stupidly limited. And yes, you need this in your life. Time to smash the piggybank and pony up the 18 odd quid for a copy, you won't regret it. Special stuff.

Listen/buy here


  1. I really like this but £18 is a piss take. £10 is plenty surely.

  2. agreed it's way too much for a 12". I guess it's those pesky Japanese import fees


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