Eltron John - And Then We Realize (Koh-I-Noor)

Stumbled upon this release over the weekend while perusing the ´disco/edits´ section of my local record dealer and boy what a find this is. Both Eltron John and Koh-I-Noor are new names for me. My friend Google tells me we´re dealing with a supertalented young gun from Poland here (which seems to be a hotbed for filthy disco these days).

It´s And Then We Realize on the A that tickles my pickle. It´s a superslow (90 BPM) shuffly affair with heavy yet subtle drums and leftfield sythn stabs and lines. It´s the haunting vocal loop (you guessed it: ´and then we realize´) that sucks you in and keeps you hypnotised for the duration of the flight. The two disco stompers on the flip aren´t half-bad either. Secret Weapon alert!

...And Then We Realize by Eltron John

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