Popular People's Front - Limited Series 03

You know it's a good week when we get another record in by Popular People's Front (although yeah I know, it actually surfaced last week), which is hard to believe but is possibly an upstage of the previous two in their limited series. This freshly squeezed third release is yet another hand-stamped collectors item by the edit gurus PPF (aka Bill Brewster, Chris Duckenfield, and Leo Elstob aka aka Leo Zero) and features three absolutely infectious cuts of their own brand, resulting in a diverse wobble-fest of the highest callibre as we've come to expect from these guys.

The A is essentially worth the ride price alone in my opinion, with Abah Dabah Dis, a stumbly/mid-tempo/balkan disco-cracker with Eastern vocals, killer acidline and clarinets. I know it sounds quite odd but let's face it the gypsy balkan sound is seriously catchy, and this is one tune bound to get people excited. Flip it over for the B that similarly won't disappoint, with a more true-disco track, an edit of Cheryl Lynn's You Saved My Day. Cheryl's vocals in the foreground along with catchy disco guitar and keys, and fierce handclap breakdown make for another easy winner. Finally the B2 is another track with characteristics that will also no doubt sound quite odd on paper, but is fiercely original and contagious: a heavily vocoded sample of P-Funk "make some noise from the front to the back" (which admittedly took me a bit before I recognized it).

Head over to Juno and pick up this gem before it sells out, oh and and be sure to grab yourself a copy of Back 2 Back if you haven't already, which surprisingly got re-stocked/pressed recently.


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  2. The Track Party Over Here samples the tune "Party Let's Party" by Oxygen for the main grove and the non-vocoded vocals. It's a fuckin blinding groove originally too, well worth tracking down :) Just thought i'd throw in my 2 cents. Nice blog!


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