Soundstream 5 (Soundstream Germany)

Quick heads up to let you know about a top-shelf housey little nugget by the always inspirational Berliner Soundstream (aka Frank Timm), who is back after what seems to be a 2-year hiatus with Soundstream #5, on his astounding self-titled imprint. We're huge Soundstream fans here at SBR, I still play the hell out of Soul Train from his second release from 2005, amazing track, great record. This cat usually somehow sneaks in a bit of gold from each genre in his productions, for the house as well as disco dudes, but also nods are often made even to the tech beards as well. I'm well excited about the B1 'Tease Me' on this one, which we'll surely pitch down and play on repeat in all its glory at the sleazy office.

The other two are smashers as well in their own right, Deeper Love being a swirly, loopy house cut with reverbed, dizzy keys and stuttery claps. Flip it over for 'All Night', another great cut with slick slap-bass and tight keys. The housier numbers this guy puts out always seem to be a cut above the masses for some reason, they always stand out tall and sound different than most. Wish he'd generate a bit more output, but then again, that might take some of the sweetness right?

Snag this gem and be sure to grab his last one which is still in stock at Juno, Live Goes On - also ace.