Cisco Cisco - If You Want Me (Apersonal)

We haven't heard much about the Spanish disco or deep house scene..often when we think of Spanish dance music, quality underground stuff doesn't exactly spring to mind. But when we heard the new Trujillo release on Barcelona's Apersonal Music 001 release that dropped a month or so ago featuring the talents of Venezuelan don Trujillo, along with heavy hitter remixes by the likes of Social Disco Club and Mark E needless to say we were pleasantly surprised. Back with a vengeance the newbie imprint drops it's sophomore release in top form with this debut ep by Portugal's Cisco Cisco, entitled If You Want Me.

The main cut If You Want Me comes in two flavours, the original of which is my pick of the pack. Simply a gorgeous tune, it starts off tidy and slow, hooking you straight away, then chugs and rises, picking up new elements that add spice and dollops of flair; like cut up vocal snips, electronic organ stabs and snappy snares complete this oh-so-sweet package for me. This is followed up by the techier Jay Shepheard mix, which is also great but it's this original that will get all the plays on my end. On the flip Giro Disco is similarly ace, also pitched nicely to perfection. More mesmerizing cutup vocals, prodding bass and crisp drums comprise another belter of a track that's ready to ride a slow and sweaty dancefloor groove until the early morning hours.

Pop this one into your cart & keep a close watch on Cisco Cisco as well as Apersonal, who are releasing some seriously exciting music. Highly recommended.


  1. Really like your blog! Have to say that this is one of the best tracks I have heard in a very long time!


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