The Francis Inferno Orchestra - Meet Me In Salt Lake City (Under The Shade)

After appearances on samplers on Dikso and Wolf Music, Melbourne-based producer Francis Inferno Orchestra gets to headline Under The Shades' latest offering, a record we've been eagerly awaiting for the past six odd months. The title track is a delightful midtempo deephouse chugger that builds and builds in all the right places. Chuggy, warm drums? Check. Sloppy, swingin' soulclap? Check. Sweet piano rolls? Check. Sweet vocal loop to keep things going? Check. Deep rolling bass? Check. A pearl of a tune this, expect to hear this getting played all across the board. On the flip we get Me & You, another beast of a midtempo workout treading the fine line between deephouse and disco, and again. FIO sets the filters to stun here, and the heavy drums, slap bass, shuffly hats and cheeky male vocal combo works a treat. Deadly stuff, can't wait to play this out.

The fun doesn't end there though, with two heavyweights on remix duty. Both Soulclap and Eddie 'Midas Touch' C take on Meet Me In Salt Lake City to complete the package. The Soul Clap boys stripped the original down to the bone and completely reconstruct the track into a moody, dark workout. Needless to say, Eddie C's remix does not disappoint. He stays closer to the original, keeping the vocal intact but adding his own trademark drums. Easily one of the years top releases, one that should do wonders for Francis Inferno Orchestra's profile.

Soundcloud is cocking out on us tonight and there are no vids up on Youtube yet, so make sure to head over to Juno for samples and to get your mits on a copy.

Meanwhile, keep an eye our for more music by FIO in 2011 on Future Classic and a release on our very own Sleazy Beats Recordings in January.


  1. Got the vinyl last week & all 4 tracks are excellent. Essential 12


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