Maxxi Soundsystem - Criticize (Kojak)

Brighton's Maxxi Soundystem ensemble drop their debut 12" on Kojak, Finland's finest. We were sent this a few weeks ago and it didn't quite fit in the bunch of moody midtempo sets we were doing for a few blogs etc, so I almost forgot about this release. Thank god for being snowed in and perusing the stacks of music we got lying around Sleazy HQ, because this latest 12 by Kojak is a right treat. It's quite a departure from the usual fare we cover on these pages, as we're dealing with peaktime disco fodder here, drawing heavily on cheeky 90s tunes (think wailing diva, electronic tom drums and euro synths). As bad as that may sound, Maxxi Soundsystems' deep and heavy rub of Alexander O'Neal's Critize works a real treat. While the original track is a genuine slice of late 80s cheeze (check out the original video here, it's awesome in a very twisted way) the rerub is a cool piece of modern boogie. The flip is great too, but it's all about the A for me. Excellent record by one the freshest and most forward thinking labels around.

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  1. Picking up my Vinyl today! Excellent release!


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