Henry Greenwood - Henry's Edits Volume 1

I have to be honest with you...I'm not too familiar with the name Henry Greenwood. It doesn't ring any bells. Not like, say, UK legend DJ Greg Wilson. Now that is a name I know and trust. Greg only drops the finest of party tracks. The ones that get the people up and the dance floor moving. It is rare that I hear this DJ play something that I would not consider playing myself.

I'm also a sucker for a great edit. And lately, Greg has been dropping a sweet edit into his DJ sets of Sharon Brown's 'I Specialize In Love'. At the height of a good time, I dare a crowd not to move to this one. It really adds a nice bottom end thump and extends a tune that we know and love. A tune we're familiar with... unlike the name Henry Greenwood.

Well, perhaps that will soon change. It turns out that the edit in question is by our mystery man Henry. He has launched his record label Henry's Edits which just recently hit shelves. I'm hearing a lot of that early 80's disco sound here, and I like it. And there is a lot more to explore over at Henry's SoundCloud page. Like most great artists, some of it I question, and some of it I think is just wonderful.

Since we're being honest, I'm not sure that all four of the cuts offered on this vinyl are a 100% slam dunk for me...but clearly there is a talent here that needs to be closely monitored. So, if you have your own dance floor that needs to be up and moved, you can grab Volume 1 of Henry's edit series here at Juno while they still have some copies left.

Tell them Greg Wilson sent you.


  1. I like it but is it better than Doctor Love (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco's Edit) on Disco Deviance? Not heard it all the way through & the soundcloud preview clip is only 54 secs long!


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