Onur Engin - Edits Vol 2

I think I've said this before on these pages, but I have a bit of a love & hate affair with disco edits. The advent of soundcloud and ableton has made sure there's hundreds of new edits floating around on the web every day and if you keep a close tab on Juno Download's disco section you see them pop up left and right as well. My main gripe with these edits is that I either think the source material was shit to begin with (can't polish a turd, no matter how obscure said turd might be), or a total lack of imagination on the part of the person responsible for the edit (hurray, a 16 bar intro).

Our friend Onur Engin has restored my faith in merits of editing though, as the second release on his OE imprint showcases EXACTLY how it's done. Instead of an ordinary review, let's draw up some basic lessons in editing by Onur Engin, Istanbul's finest:

A. Carefully pick some of the loveliest music ever made (in this case: Love Me Now by Curtis Mayfield and Bill Summers' Come Into My Life)
B. Gently reconstruct said tracks (which does not mean 'warp in ableton, loop first 8 bars and cut out diva vocals, but entails lovingly and respectfully rearranging and extending the tracks and adding beats and other bits and bobs to make them a little more DJ friendly)
C. Press tracks on limited white vinyl for the world to hold and cherish

There you have it, these are the rules, stick by them and we'll love you for ever and always. Now hop on your bicycle or whip out your credit card and buy a copy of this record, it really is something special.

Have a listen to a preview of the record here:

Into My Life is baby-making music of the highest order, and for those of you that play a lot of bar sets, this one should really set the mood. Essential.


  1. cannot agree more with what you said regarding edits...Onur Engin is one of the best around for sure alongside Craig Smith, Superbreak and a few others.

    Keep up supporting such great sounds on your cool blog!

    Jm / Vibes4yoursoul.blogspot.com


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