Dead Rose Music Company - May Contain Samples EP (Taikomochi)

For a minute I though Dead Rose decided to resurrect those pesky little keychain pets that were a big hit in the 90s (remember how breathtakingly embarrassing it was to see grown men 'feeding their Tamagochi' in clubs etc), but luckily I was wrong and we're dealing with the elusive disco bod's brand new imprint Taikomochi. I've been told that's Japanese for 'he who wields the clan's drums' in case you were wondering. And if there's one thing that stands out in Dead Rose's productions, it's the drums. Take 'I love what you Do' on the A for example, a sexy midtempo squelcher that takes forever to get going but the understated 80s drums and vocal that keeps popping up keep things moving and interesting for the duration of the flight. Really something else this track, and a fantastic mix tool too. Dead Rose ups the tempo a little on 'Feels Good', the A2 track. Again it's all about vintage 80s drum, a cheeky vocal sample and sublime audio dynamics, making this one big fat juicy future boogie ride.
Tomas Malo, a new name for me, delivers the goods on the flip with two tasty midtempo moody burners. Great stuff but I highly doubt I'll ever flip the record over as the two cuts on the A are absolutely deadly.

Pressed on white vinyl in limited quantities kids so don't sleep on this

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