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It's been a while since the last Duff Disco release, so we were pleasantly surprised to read about a brand new 12" that just dropped. It's quite a feat Duff managed to squeeze out two new tracks, as he just released a longplayer called 'Getting to Sirius' under his Duff Step guise. The LP offers a rather fine collection of mellow soundscapes and moody downtempo broken beat fare and makes for great homelistening. There's also a bunch of really good remixes about to drop by the likes of Session Victim, Francis Inferno Orchestra and Mark E. The latter's remix of Your Touch is breathtakingly good, so make sure to snap up that remix EP as well.

Back to the disco business though, the fifth installment of the Duff Disco series. It's Catch me Out on the A that does the trick for me, a deep and moody romper with chuggy beats and clever vocals. If you like 6th Borough Project's output this should be right up your alley. I'll pass on the flip though, where Duff reworks Cee-Lo's I Wish into a slo mow chugfest. I hated this song with a passion in highschool (I spat on anything that wasn't Alice in Chains, more like) and hearing that high pitched whistle again gives me the shivers, and not in a good way. There's no denying it'll work like a charm in the club though, so ignore the above and watch the kids go nuts.

Have a listen here:

Order a copy on Duff's own shop here

The fun doesn't end here though, as Duff is kindly giving away the edit that started the whole madness to begin with. For those of you that need a little reminder, it's a rework of David Bowie's Fame and it is AWESOME. I've completely worn out the vinyl so this freebee will sure come in handy. Head over to the Join The Dots blog, take a few minutes to sign up and this little beast is yours to keep



  1. Not to be pedantic, but you mean Skee-Lo's "I Wish", not Cee-Lo (he of "Fuck You" and the Goodie Mob). Totally different dude. And the rework is THE JAM! I already out of college when that tune was popular, but I was more interested in raving than radio hip hop. :) Time to catch up!

    Love you guys though! Great blog, great label! Looking fwd to the new Francis Inferno Orch. for sure.

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