Voyeurhythm - He Can´t Love You video


By now you should know we´re huge fans of everything that´s coming out of the Voyeurhythm Camp. The five releases by the likes of Ben Sun and Megadon Betamax we´ve bagged so far all push the exciting boundaries of future-beatdown-boogie and are a real breath of fresh air in the increasingly saturated disco edits market. I can´t wrap my head around the fact these guys seem to fly under the public radar though...must be cause the kind Voyeurhythm people aren´t exactly prone to tooting their own horn. Anyway, it´s my personal mission to plug and pimp all things Voyeurhythm untill they top the disco sales charts.

Let´s start with this awesome video of Megadon´s He Can´t Love you, a nice slice of filthy 80s synth-boogie.


  1. so much win, thanks for the recommendation. :)

  2. wooot. best version of the great classic by chemise.

    thx guys

  3. Wow, thanks guys! Feelin the love.. you continually rock our world!


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