Gallery of Awesomeness

The fun thing about a record is that it's tangible. You can hold it, sit on it, smash it over your best friends' head in a drunken stupor, sell it on Ebay when you're strapped for cash, the possibilities are endless. One of the main perks of running a record label is the joy of seeing your records pop up in the craziest places all over the world. What remains a mystery for us though is who actually ends up buying the records. Yes, we're looking for you! Without you there would be no infinite riches, Bentleys with drivers and cheap women throwing themselves at our feet. That's why we'd love for you to send a picture of you holding/hugging/playing/kissing/heavypetting a slice of sleazy beats wax. Not only will you get a spot in our 'Gallery of Awesomeness', but if we get enough submissions (around 100) we'll use all your pics for a proper 12" record sleeve as well. Giving back and reachin' out nahmean?

Please fire over your pictures to and we'll get our creative juices flowing over here. Thanks again, you are all rockstars.


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