La Tuerie - Basement Boutique EP (SBR007)

After a string of heavy midtempo house bits on our little label we figured it was time for something a little different. Lo and behold our forthcoming release by Milan-based La Tuerie, who churned out four rather neat slow beatdown burners for us. On the A we have Midnight, a piece of deep midnight basement soul, and Big Things, a chunky, loopy groover. Both tracks hover around the 95 PBM mark and are perfect warm up / cool down fodder. On the flip there's Zanzibar, a fine slice of downtempo boogie, and Tastumi, a slightly more uptempo filter fest with a killer groove. We love the choppy, Theo-esque (is that even a word?) vibe on these productions over here. Reckon this should go down well on boat, beach and basement parties this summer.

Have a taste here, the 12" will be out late May


  1. Goddamit! Can't wait for this..
    Hurry up with this baby :)

  2. you guys are awesome, yet another jam!

  3. Hot damn, sleazybeats at it again. You guys drop heat like no other label. Thank you :-)


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