Toomy Disco - Smowing (Sold Out)

Three track EP by young Argentinian producer Toomy Disco. After dabbling with Marvin Gaye for Dikso (make sure to check Blues City, it's awesome) he now turns his hands to mr. Barry White for an ace deep slow burning disco stomper. And yes, I know, cutting and looping up old disco records over heavy slow drums is starting to get really old, but when it's done this tastefully it's simply irresistable. If you like Duff Disco's output you're going to love this one. Perfect track for the summer season (drop this at the right moment on a decent rig on a sunkissed beach and people will go nuts).

There's two tracks on the flip too. While Rings of Saturn is a rather forgettable midtempo nu-disco thing, Disco Momentum is perfect peaktime disco fodder reminiscent of 90s French filter house. It's all about the A side though. The power of Barry compels you to pick up this record and make disco babies to it.

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  1. bought this one today. solid work. and barry's vocals killing it again :)

  2. thanks so so much for supporting my work! makes me so high n' happy. Hope we can do a Sleazy Beats EP soon! ♥ best


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