Volta Cab - Why You Came Back Here (Apersonal)

A new release from the Apersonal camp is always a treat but this fifth 12" coming out of the Barcelona-based imprint is really quite special, introducing Russian youngster Volta Cab. The four tracks on offer are all orginal productions riding the midtempo express and carefully balancing between balearic nu disco and slow beatdown house. The title track features smooth guitar licks, spaced out claps and a male vocal asking us to explain 'why come back here', which may sounds kinda ghetto when you read this ("why you come back here foo") but I think language barriers are to blame here, it is in fact a sweet and tender groover that will go down a treat this summer. The A2, Surfing on Delay, is another nice chunk of pitched down dreaminess. It's the flip of the record that really gets my juiced flowing though. "Ice" is a gloopy squelcher with a really cool synth hook and understated beats, perfect fodder for the beach season. It's the closing track 'Watch Your Back' that is the pick of the bunch for me, a moody deep house excursion with heavy beats that I can't stop playing. We used it as the opening track for our recent 'Music for Serious Jogging vol 3' demo mix, so if short samples don't do anything for you, check out that mix to enjoy the track in its full 7 minutes glory.

Great release by one of our favorite labels, and kudos to them for showing the cojones you need in this day and age to give a new name a break.

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