78 Edits - Been A Long Time EP (Original Cuts 001)

So it's more or less been raining hot records for the past couple of weeks now. The new Memoryman on SWDE is simply smashing, Common Edits 002 is more or less to die for, and now we’re privy to yet another bomb: a cracking three tracker by 78 Edits aka Jamie Buchanan out of Edinburgh (another ultra talented Scotsman, seriously what the hell is in the water over there). Original Cuts 001 is what we’re on about here, a maiden voyage that comes to us under the mighty Giant Cuts imprint – so obviously right there you can expect something along the lines of laid-back funky disco brimming with quality, class and of course plenty of soul that has become tight characteristics of the GC name.

‘Been A Long Time’ (probably my pick of the 12”), kicks things off with a loopy mid-tempo disco groover rocking in around the 100 bpm mark, just how we like em’. The disco strings are nothing short of sensational in this cut – they have so much feeling, carrying the tune effortlessly on through the break. On the flip ‘The Love You Give to Me’, picks up the tempo a tad but still rocks with an easy flow with plenty of oomph. A seriously standout bassline and nice easy peasy transitions make this an essential summertime cut that’s quite perfect for patios and those comfy bar gigs. Finally the B2 serves another slice of breezy beatdown business entitled ‘Unlimited Love’ rounds things out perfectly with perhaps a bit more 4x4 feeling than the others. A lovely flute sample echoing in and out here will no doubt make this at prime go-to track in zee bag for me.

OC001 - 78 EDITS - BEEN A LONG TIME EP **OUT NOW ON VINYL** by Deadly Sins

Did I mention she's been pressed up on beefy 180 gram vinyl?! Hot damn I just love the sound of those puppies. So do yourself a favour and grab a slice of this badassery HERE, and huge congrats and much sleazy love to the crew over at Original Cuts! Can't wait for more, mazel tov!


  1. Isn't the idea of a blog that you're open to comments, critical or not? I'm a bit disappointed that you deleted my comments with regards to the "Body Fusion" sample. I'd actually dropped back to let you know what it is, but hey presto my comment has gone. In my judgement, having been a DJ for many, many years - I remember tracks like "Knockin" and "Body Fusion" the first time around, IMHO these edits don't use the tracks in the best way. They were BIG tunes in their day, and I just don't feel that the edits do them justice. My opinion solely. I'm sorry that you didn't like it!

  2. Hey Jonathan, something must have gone wrong with Blogger, we didn't delete anything (at least not knowingly), very sorry to read that, most unfortunate. We're all for critical comments, they're very welcome! So please keep coming back and let us know what you think of the records we cover, your opinion is much appreciated. All the best, Guy / Sleazy Beats

  3. Hmm Blogger was in fact acting a bit odd a few days ago, so maybe that had something to do with it. But no, we are definitely not about deleting people's comments, and we do honestly want to know what you guys think, good or bad...so v sorry about your experience Jonathan and please do keep the comments coming! Cheers, Kris

  4. interesting edit of the "body fusion" track but i'm going for the flip this time. unlimited love... ;)

  5. Cheers guys for the replies. Here's the original - awesome awesome record!



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