Eddie C / Koosh - Common Edits #2

A little while ago a most curious 7" popped up on Juno we were seriously creaming our pants over. With not a whole lot more to go on than an appearance by the enigmatic Koosh, we figured we were dealing with an offshoot project of the now defunct Seven Inches of Love series. Hand stamped 7" coming from Canada with Koosh, obscure edits of the deepest variety..."dearest Watson, I think we're onto something here". Well guess what, we were dead wrong. The man behind these lovely nuggets is Dane from Danksoul, who runs a record shops in Edmonton, Canada. Initially, the idea was to press up some neat 7" singles to hand out over at Dane's 'The Common' party in Edmonton. A UK distro got wind of what was going on over there and picked up a stack for a few stores in the UK, and *poof*, like magic, they were gone in 60 seconds.

After we posted a little writeup on these here pages, Dane got in touch to babble about music and being the absolute gent he is, he sent us the second installment of the Common Edit series. You might have heard it by now, as it came out about a week ago, but again, it's the stuff dreams are made of. Koosh, who seems to have on ongoing love affair with the seven inch format, delivers another deliciously slow, hypnothic and raw groover that immediately gets under your skin and makes you wish it would never end. On the flip Eddie C takes care of business with a prime slice of beatdown sleaze. Sounds a little like the Isley brothers on lidocaine, and it's absolutely mint. Fantastic little release, and a true labour of love as the pic below goes on to show (handstamping in Eddie C's disco den in Banff, how cool is that?)

Essential and awe-inspiring. Thanks again for sending this over Dane, you're a rockstar. Have a listen to Koosh' glorious track and scroll down for a link to pick this up. You desperately need this in your life.

Pick up a copy here