La Tuerie - The Basement Boutique EP (SBR007)

So our seventh release saw the light of day last week, a four track affair by Milan-based newcomer La Tuerie. He got in touch well over a year ago through myspace (!) offering us a whole batch of superslow and raw basement disco and boogie edits. The slo-mo craze was still in its infancy, so signing four tracks that all clocked in well below the 100 BPM mark by an unknown Italian chap felt like taking a giant leap of faith, so we're over the moon to see the record out in the shops and getting decent press. Here's a few nice writeups we found perusing the net:

Italian newcomer La Tuerie seriously drops the tempo on his debut release for Amsterdam's Sleazy Beats Recordings, coming up with four slow-burning beatdown disco and boogie tracks that are screaming out for play in sweaty basements or sun-kissed beaches.

"Midnight" sets the levels to sleazy as the strains of the Love Unlimited Orchestra's "Midnight Groove" lift off the groove. Seriously fattened up and set to a rock-solid 4/4 disco-house rhythm, this is sure to have some serious head-nodding going on. Next up for the chop-n-loop treatment is Donna McGhee's stupendous soul sizzler "It Ain't No Big Thing", which appears here as "Big Things". Hot! the deal-sealer for me is "Zanzibar", which takes my favourite boogie-disco cut - Class Action's "Weekend" - and PITCHES IT WAY DOWN, for a cosmic boogie reinterpretation. Add some well placed filtering, loops and total drop-outs, and you have a summer killer - this is MASSIVE! Last but not least is "Tatsumi". A more upbeat disco groover of unknown original. If you're into any of the Super Value / Kolour LTD / Small World Disco Edits etc series then you'll love this record. As usual, this is a strictly limited pressing: no repress, no digital. It's wax or nothing!

"The seventh release from the Amsterdam-based Sleazy Beats stable introduces our grateful ears to the sounds of Italian newcomer La Tuerie. His debut release switches up effortlessly between languid funk, proper boogie and breezy disco, with A-Side cuts "Midnight" and "Big Things" guaranteed to be heard warming up the more discerning dancefloors this summer. Flip over for the slo-mo boogie thrust of "Zanzibar", which brings to mind some of Ilija Rudman's finer moments, and vintage discoid lean of "Tatsumi". Strictly vinyl-only business here folks, don't sleep".

Another night on earth
"Sleazy Beats have a new EP in stores today, it features 4 slo mo Disco bruisers from Milan based artist La Tuerie. Cutting up Disco tracks is pretty much everywhere these days, so you really have to hunt out the tunes that count, that you'll be playing for awhile, maybe even for years (if you get really lucky). But Sleazy Beats have already put out some amazing records, so you know you're in good hands. I think the whole EP is good, but in particular La Tuerie's track 'Zanzibar' makes this slice of vinyl a must have; those deep warm keyboard drops, that rollerskating bump and grind, the block party atmosphere and it's Hip Hop Disco roots all work together to make a heady and very danceable brew. Hot stuff...class action even!!"

Oh and we stumbled upon this review in Drumatrixx Mag. They might like the filters. Or maybe not. Who knows? Another mystery to solve.

好きでSlow Mo’ Boogie好きは必ずと言って良いでしょうね。コチラのSleazy Beats Recordingsをレーベル買いしちゃっているんじゃないでしょうか?筆者の私も絶対3タイトルはDJ Bagの中に入っているという状態で、コチラもまぁ間違いないですよ。しかも4曲入りEPで全く捨てる曲が無いという超お得盤。とにかく全てのトラックに 言える事なんですがネタ捌きが秀逸で、どれが1番良いとか言えないレベル。もう自分が好きなBPMにしっくり来る曲なら大体使えます。というか無理してで も使ってください。ヘタなFilter Disco聴く位なら、このレーベルの作品を買い揃えたほうが全然良い。とにかく見つけたら全曲チェックしてください。Sleazy Beats Recordingsも海外で一部タイトルが暴騰気味で有り得ない値段設定となっております。見つけたら即買う。コレ鉄則です。


  1. You might enjoy this translation (c/o Google)-
    (I'm just glad they found the key !) -

    "I like Slow Mo 'Boogie'd say love always good to say. Sleazy Beats Recordings What's here I'm not jumping to buy a label? The author of three titles I'm absolutely in a state that the DJ Bag inside of a doubt Well I can here. And four songs EP CD super deals at all that there is no throw away songs. The handling is excellent story but I can say that all the tracks anyway, good or said first level is which. BPM already used my favorite song apposite to the gamut. Please use it to or rather impossible. A place you listen Filter Disco calyx, more well stocked at all to buy the work of this label. Please check just find songs. Sleazy Beats Recordings ordered and the prices are inflated somewhat unlikely in some overseas titles. Key found immediately. Kore is a cardinal rule."

    PS - Fantastic release (as usual!) - much appreciated by us vinyl-loving heads down here in Oz !!

  2. hej guys. another gem!!!

  3. Haha nice EPMD steal on the track "midnight"...


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