Marius - The Glow of Filter and Dub (Maxi Discs)

Norwegian producer Marius isn't quite a household name yet for us here at SB, he's been putting out music for quite some time under various monkiers, but under his Marius guise he's only dropped a couple of bombs since about 2008, and this one is no exception. The majority of his output has been on the tender yet hefty Maxi Discs out of London - the label that strives to push the "more tropical side of house" and has indeed put out some hefty stonkers. Run by 2 dudes who have contributed significantly to the contemporary disco house romp in recent years, Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco - the label has consistently offered nothing but high quality goods. Here, featuring the talents of Marius, Trisco himself on remix duties and with 6th Borough Project (who need absolutely no introduction on these pages) with an original track, MD006 could easily be the imprints' most tasty outing to date.

'The Glow of Filter and Dub' (what a seriously awesome name for an ep) features 3 tracks. The title tune on the a-side is a 10 minute ride thorugh a more 'classic' house sound that has inspired Marius from his early days, complete with old-school piano and breakdown. Essential stuff. On the flip you'll find a tune by the red hot 6th Borough: 'Love Gun', which sees the borough boys come correct in true form offering a deep and chuggy beast with punchy drums building and working their way around the dubby synth/swooshy bits. Finally a third and final treat is Dicky Trisco's take on the title track that offers a more disco-fied and new-sounding rub of the original. The disco deviant adds his trademark DT style with stand-out shakers, slap bass and a wickedly schweet vocal - while keeping the the essential bits like the piano at the break.

All three of these tunes has their time and place in a set we reckon, just have an aural gander below and we hope you agree. An essential package this.

MD006 A Side - Marius - Glow Of Filter & Dub by maxidiscs

Pick up this very fine slice of wax here and skip out on the gift for that co-worker you were going to buy, he doesn't need another golf ball cleaner anyways...


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