Deadly Sins & 78 Edits - 7 Sins Vol. 1

It's no big secret that we're huge fans of the lads over at Giant Cuts, regardless of whether it's a small pub gig or a full on danceparty we tend to keep at least two of their releases close at hand in our pouches (Dance Star on #3 is simply a mint tune isn't it...and well, all of GC001 is just a beast as you probably know). Now we're treated to a similar gem in the form of a new maiden voyage 7" edit series called 7 Sins by, yep you guessed correctly - Deadly Sins and the rising star that is 78 Edits (how cool are these little 7 inch labels popping up recently!?). This little nugget contains 2 cuts here that groove, funk, pop and jump out in all the right spots for us. We reckon these producers have been progressing heavily with their output as of late, crafting increasingly drool-worthy and timeless soul/disco edit monsters as time wears on.

Deadly Sins gets first blows on the A side with 'I Can't Forget', bringing to life Ronn Matlock's 'I Can't Forget About You', which ticks all the boxes in a big way: clocking in at 96, check. Looped-up soul vocal chop, check. Low, slapbass-bassline snippets and nasty drums that thump just as we like, check. Real tasty stuff here. The B side runs along similar lines with 'I'll Be True'; 78 Edit's cheeky take of Bill Summer's 'Come Into My Life', venturing into 105 bpm territory creating a magnetizing groove that kicks. A real jam this one too - both these tunes showcase some of of the finest work from these producers to date we reckon..seriously can't wait for what's next from them (some of you might know what's on deck, it's BIG).

7SINS1 Deadly Sins & 78 Edits - 7 Inch Edits Vol 1 In Stores 27th July by Deadly Sins

So don't sleep on this - a massively tight package by two of the hottest names in the biz right now that's destined to sell out (almost all the records Deadly Sins has played part in are gonzo). Street date for this is a couple of days away I think, so bookmark the juno page here.

Highly recommended & probably in the top five records of the summer for us so far. Congrats on a top first release gents, here's to many more!