Wolf Music, Cosmic Boogie, Sleazy Beats - I Wanna See All My Friends At Once (Sleazywolf001)

Well, we've just had our secretary here at Sleazy Towers check our highly sophisticated blogging aparatus (the Blog-o-tron 2000) and it seems we still haven't made any noise about our most recent project. The culprit is a sofar well-received compilation and partnership with our good friends from one of our favourite labels, the mighty Wolf Music, as well as mr. Cosmic Boogie aka Stu Robinson. The package contains two discs - disc one showcasing the skills of none other than Mr. Boogie, blending a slew of back cat sleazy and wolf music faves into a killer mix which puts to rest any wonder why Stu is one of the hottest dj talents on the circuit at the moment. The real joy however from a djing perspective will be from snapping up disc two, which contains ten out-of-print and un-mixed sleazy/wolf tracks from our ripe label beginnings.

We have been lucky enough to sell out a whackload of our releases to date (poof! like that, they're gone...) so here's your chance to pick up some rareities like Tornado's 'Be My Ladyboy', or Eddie's dreamy 'Space Cadet'...both of which are pretty much impossible to find these days (SBR003 is going for £50 on discogs). Some absolute bombs from the Wolf Music side of things include PBR Streetgang's beast remix of Eddie C's 'My Woman', and 'Look This Way' by the enigmatic & so-hot right now Fantastic Man are among the stone-cold killers featured here.

Don't take our word for it though, do check the samples to remind yourself what you may have missed out on, and snap it up here at Juno or any other of the fine haunts around cyberspace, or possibly your local recordshop. NB this is a limited press so don't wait too long (this has been out for more than a month now already).

Sleazy Wolf by SleazyBeats

Can't give big enough props to the crew over at Wolf Music and Cosmic Boogie for their involvement in this project - without them this little gem would never have seen the light of day! Thanks boys <3


  1. Heh.....I just bought the aforementioned Tornado Wallace record for a cool 55 pounds. :-) I even got him to drop his price a bit. Keep it up can't wait for SBR008

  2. great package. got my copy this week. great to have some gems at least on cd....(eddie's space cadet...)



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