Zambon/Mental - Primitive Copies Vol. 1

Zambon, one of Poland's finest purveyors of spaced out disco, teams up with his buddy Mental on their new 'Primitive Copies' imprint. I've been keeping an eye on Zambon ever since I stumbled upon his soundcloud page, where he posted a stunning Fleetwood Mac edit about a year ago. He also took care of an ace Ruffjamz mix for the OOFT podcast series a few months back, so the man definately knows a thing or two about cooking up a solid groove.

Mental kicks things off on the A-side with I want to Know Where Dub is. In case that title got you wondering/worried: yes, we're dealing with a rework of Foreigners atrocious classic. Mental wisely went for a dubby approach, using only a few synth lines from the original track, layered over a tripped out groove with crips drums to great effect. Still not sure I'd play it out though, as it's simply impossible to 'shut off' the source material, which really does send shivers down my spine (and not in a good way).

Zambon reworks another 80s 'Adult Rock' classic on the flip - Slave to Love. Zambon's approach is similar to Mental's, opting for heavy, moody drums that sit perfectly with the dubbed out stabs and loops of Bryan Ferry's original. The result is a mesmerizing slice of slick, smokey balearic disco. Should work a treat this summer.

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Primitive Copies 02 is in the works as we speak, and I've been told that the aforementioned Fleetwood Mac rerub will make an appearance, so we're eagerly awaiting the second installment.