Deep Space Orchestra / Ben Sun / James Johnston - Chrome Hand EP * Boogie Originals

Cosmic Boogie put together something really special for his fledgling Boogie Originals imprint. If you haven't heard the previous releases on the label yet, don't let the name fool you. The label's sound has little to do with gloopy 80s boogie but pushes a particularly enticing brand of deep, moody lo-slung house instead. On Boogie Originals' third release, current darlings of the blogosphere Deep Space Orchestra make an appearance, alongside Benjamin Sun and James Johnston, two of the friendliest and most talented producers in the deephouse industry. DSO's Chrome Hand is a swirly and chuggy technoid synthfest. Not something we'd play (too easy on the soul 'n sleaze) but I can totally see a festival tent going off properly to this. Voyeurhythms' prodigal child Benjamin Sun (seriously, he has so much talents it's not even funny) totally reconstructs DSO's cut, delivering one of the best tracks we've heard this year, a mesmerizing midtempo shuffler with broken, subtle beats that keeps building and growing. One of those tracks you should save for a very special moment.

On the flip we get to tracks from James Johnston (4Lux, Kolour, NoMatterWhat), another unsung hero of the deep. It's the midtempo burner Faces and Traces of Home that really tickles our pickle here, sweet jebus what a tune, definately one of his best yet. Vinyl is out soon and if it's digital you prefer, wait a few weeks and pick up some juicy WAVs.

BGO-003 - The Chrome Hand EP by Boogie Originals