We were sent a promo of this cheeky white label a couple of weeks ago and we've been playing it all over the shop ever since. Yes, we agree, the world needs another disco edits imprint about as badly as I need an asshole on my elbow, but this record aptly reminds me how much fun a good set of edits can be. 'Dance With Me' on the A is a superinfectious uptempo disco number with a Marvin Gaye loop, messy claps and subtle, gentle drums (no over-compression for a change, how refreshing). The A2 track is a mad acidic boogie squelcher. Not sure I'd play this myself but I bet it sounds wicked on a big rig. On the B-side of the record Barbara Mason gets a makeover that ticks all the right boxes. It's moody, nice and chuggy and lets the mere quality of the orginal song really shine through. The B2 track is an evil vintage jacking Chicago house track with analog sounding drums, 2 finger bass and cheeky 80s synth lines. Madness will ensue if you drop this at the right moment.

The man behind EROS is a well-known UK producer (we're not going to tell you who, though if you've been following the disco / re-edit scene for a few years you should be able to figure it out. There's only few in the game that can pull off a record this diverse and awesome. When we asked our man of mystery about this project, he said it was a 'blacker, and gayer' extension of what he'd been doing in the past. Which is quite spot on, really.

Limited release so go forth and buy a copy. Really hope there will be a follow-up soon, can't get enough of this.


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