Rose Records

Rose Records is a new vinyl-only label based in Leipzig, one of former Eastern-Germany's largest cities, set up by five friends for all the right reasons: to get good music out, and (as they put it themselves) "combine the message of disco, the cheese of the 80s, the warmth of house music and everything else made with love". They sent us a beautifully cut and packaged numbered copy of their debut release, alongside a promotional CD (major brownie points for the vinyl look there guys!) and a good old fashioned hype sheet (remember those things always falling out of old record sleeves at flea markets?).

On the A side Luvless treats us to a Surrounder, a lovely midtempo deephouse workout that reminds me of the deephouse that Migs and Naked Music put out in the mid 90s with its swirly, moody pads, vocal samples and fresh drums. Flip over for Martin Hayes' Take Me', a pitched down boogie chugger. I'm a total sucker for those boogie claps (yeah that's right, boogie claps shit all over disco claps these days, so this is a bit of a no-brainer for me). Can't wait to give this a whirl on a big rig. The B2 track by M.ono, 'Love Pass U By' takes us back to classy deephouse territory. The vocal sample and tight drums keeps things going rather nicely, great late night tackle for discerning floors. Have a listen to snips of the record here:

Rose01 - Various One by Rose Records

All in all a fabulous debut. The pressing is so limited (250 copies) they'll break even at best, which goes on to prove that this project is a carefully put together labour of love. Commendable and delectable. There's two ways to get your hands on a copy:

Order one directly from the label
Get a copy from Freezone Records in Leipzig


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