Suzanne Kraft - Green Flash Ep (Running Back)

Here's a proper gem of a 12" that dropped a couple of weeks ago, but due to our extremely hectic schedules of sifting through piles of 130 bpm electro trash we couldn't get a little write-up done till now. Suzanne Kraft (I know right...who?) comes out nicely with a killer ep for Gerd Janson's always quality Running Back imprint. FYI Suzanne is actually a dude named D. Herrera from L.A., who has actually done some stuff before - but he's done a superb job flying heavily below the radar (check some of his other stuff here: For this 'Green Flash' ep we're treated to four glittery midtempo numbers that drip with sleazy loveliness. I reckon he's really nailed a kind of "Spirit Catcher sound" circa 5 years ago...which is not something to complain about IMO. These tunes have summertime all over them, chock full of the really feel-good chuggy fodder that we love.

My pick is the one that kicks things off here, 'Morning Come' a deep and rising cut with a male vocal snippet and great bassline that really pulls you in, builds and builds and doesn't let go. Track two finds him veereing slightly more towards synthy boogie territory, with 'Turning'. On the flip you'll find the title track, which is considerably more mellow in mood, almost balearic business...definitely one for those sophisticated chill out moments; and finally 'Femme Cosmic' wraps things up - a nice enough tune, but honestly not one I'll end up playing. The 12" is definitely worth it for the first three tunes however, coming correct with a proper sleeve with artwork and everything.

All in all a very solid debut for Suzanne Kraft on a great label that we love and respect. Looking forward to more from this cat. Grab the sweet wax here.