VA - I Love You But I've Chosen Disco (Kolour LTD)

A note just to let you know about the storm a brewin' over at Kolour HQ. As if they haven't been working hard enough in recent months dropping nuggets like their Norm De Plume release and their Tortoise Ep from their offshoot label Undertones, they now keep their white hot streak of releases firmly in place with a 4-tracker of e.pic proportions, doling out more of the stuff we can't resist. We simply love sampler records, not only do you usually get a nice variety (it's the spice of life, don't ya know) of tunes for those different sets some of us play, you also get to sometimes find out about new and exciting artists. This little sampler features the top talents of some hot blokes that have been making noise of late: Zoo Look (Tenth Circle, Sccucci Manucci), 78 Edits & Deadly Sins (Giant Cuts), and upcoming Bergen bad boys, The Glue (UntzUntz). Needless to say this ep has us literally quite weak in the knees.

Zoo Look kicks things off in fine form with "Find The Words", a deep workout with crisp snares and lovely female vocal (been used before in a couple of tracks I know, but great nonetheless). Deadly Sins comes correct yet again with "Sometimes", sealing in some more of his trademark loopy, hypnotic filth. The Glue's "Real Good Lovin" (our pick of the litter), is a fat mid-tempo thumper that features a back n' forth, boy/girl vocal conversation from a cheesy 80s flick we reckon; which is not only super original but also works brilliantly. A head-nodding beast if there ever was one...drop this one out and be prepared for trainspotting inquiries galore. Finally, 78 Edits (who has been unstoppable in recent months) delivers "When I'm With You", a slow and scorching romp through feel-good territory, as is becoming his trademark move.

KolourLTD007 - I Love You .. But I've Chosen Disco EP by KolourRecordings

By now you know the deal, limited release, no digital..and this one's on lovely powder blue vinyl (see the pic above). Due out next week, grip it HERE and add it to your growing rainbow collection of Kolour LTD records.