V.A. - The Dirty Dancing Sampler (SBR008)

Right, so a little over a week ago our 8th release came out. Funny coincidence that our first sampler 'the Sleazy Family EP' came out pretty much exactly a year ago. Remember that one? Yellow chick on the sticker, tracks by Eddie C, Tornado Wallace, Daniel Solar and SE62? Seems like a bit of a dreamteam now but back when we signed those tracks, all these beatdown maestros only had one or two releases under their belt. Sleazy Beats has never been about banking on the popularity of veterans or putting out intentionally 'big records'. Instead we've been trying to find exciting new music and give up and coming producers a break. Which leads us to 'The Dirty Dancing Sampler', on which we welcome four new names to our little label's roster. We're quite proud of this particular release. We like to think that, in spite of featuring four different artists from four different countries and completely different backgrounds, the record is surprisingly coherent. It is also a moody, atmospheric and chuggy affair that will most likely not get a lot of club plays but will hopefully be one of those records you pull off the shelve when you get home with a bunch of friends after a great night at a club.

SBR008 / The Dirty Dancing Sampler by SleazyBeats

Here's what the kind people over at Juno had to say about the release:
"Sleazy Beats takes on four fresh artists for its latest vinyl release, entitled the Dirty Dancing Sampler. French newcomer Modsleep opens the EP with the rich and drum heavy jam "Women Don't Want To Love Me"; stylish and with an unrivalled groove, it certainly makes us love him! Dead Rose Music Company occupies the rest of the side with "Never Gonna Stop" - deep, sexy and funky as hell, it's another winner for the EP. Flipping over, Lord Of The Isles give off deliciously moody yet bright vibes with "Teach Them No Hate" while The Noodleman and his "Lovers Dub" take things into charismatic quarters with a never ending builder"

If you like the record, you can pick up a copy here. Thanks to all of you that already did so, we've been over the moon to see it holding the number one position on Juno's disco sales charts for well over a week.


  1. I reviewd (JP Only)
    Good vinyl,thanks.


  2. Ha I love the way Google translates the Blue Eclair review. Totally awesome good record.

  3. arrived today....:)

  4. thanks Derek.

    I think that write review on my website the article in English in the future.


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