Dr. Dunks Edits (Disco Deviance)

It's true we have a good few artist names on our SBBOSL (sleazy beats buy-on-sight list), but not too many labels have fallen into BOS category over the years. Some are still around - others have disappeared into oblivion or chosen to bow out gracefully. Staples such as Jisco comes to mind, Super Value, and Kolour LTD too, and more recently the Common Edit and Red Motorbike series of 7" beauts we're drooling over (we'll surely be snapping up all these in a wink). We've been fans of DD since the label's inception - the stellar rework of Patrice Rushen's Forget me nots, BC's intrepid take of Jump To It, the Situation brilliance on DD07, I could go on. DD is like a fine wine though it seems, increasingly getting better with age. Case in point, the imprint's 21st outing which follows the same formula:

Step 1. procure obscure funk/disco monster from the 70s/80s
Step 2. turn down the suck, boost the treble
Step 3. turn the rest up to eleven.

That's exactly what NYCs Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks (Still Going/Rub N' Tug) of Keep It Cheap fame has done (well not exactly, he's done quite a bit more...but you get the idea) to serve up a lip-smackingly good 12" that sat proudly on top of the bestseller charts for almost all of last week. Floyd Beck's Party Is The Answer and Crown Heights Affair's Say A Prayer For Two are the two victims on the chopping block, professionally reworked for maximum hedonistic dancefloor carnage. Both cuts have been flipped on their backs and lovingly touched in their special areas by the Dr. Oh, won't someone please file a malpractice suit against this guy...a funky one!! Check 'Dunks Got The Answer' here:

DD21 - Dunks Got the Answer (Dr Dunks Edit) by Disco Deviance

As you can tell, blinding stuff that you need in your life/record bag. Will most certainly be spanking both sides of this beast at my next gig. Can't wait. Snap up a copy HERE

Oh and PS be sure to check the man's DD Pulse Radio Mix he did last week, killer!
Disco Deviance Pulse Radio Show 12 - Dr Dunks Mix by Disco Deviance


  1. The 12 is really great but does anyone the killer first track on the Radio Show Mix?! Tx!


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