Tiger & Woods - Wiki & Leaks

Anyone else feeling a little underwhelmed by Tiger & Woods' debut longplayer on Running Back that came out a few months ago? Sure, a few of the tracks on that record are modern classics, but we already had all of those on 12" didn't we? The new material was a bit samey, all heavy drums and loops, but none of that stuttering party fodder that made them the current darlings of the disco edit scene.

They more than make up for that disappointing LP with a new album they cleverly 'leaked' (it's spreading faster than herpes, marketing geniuses at work here), dubbed it 'Wiki & Leaks' and threw on all those fine boogie and disco belters of THAT RA podcast that had everyone cream their pants. It's the boogie edits in particular that are tickling my pickle, the last few tracks of these 'Lab Files' are absolutely smashing.

15 tracks in all, great stuff for the pod (they're all low quality MP3's so I don't recommend dropping these puppies over a big system) Download here