B-Jam - Swindled By Time (Smokecloud US)

We've said it before and we'll say it again, what the hell is in the water over in Scotland? This week's delight comes to us in the form of a little treat by Edinburgian beatdown wiz Barry Fell, aka B-Jam to his mom (no, wait...). Barry's managed to concoct some of the best mixtapes we've heard over the past couple of years: impecably crafted, programmed and mixed (and always containing some really stellar cover art) not to mention some of the same top tunes that we're usually drooling over at that time. This little 10" gem the man's produced entitled 'Swindled By Time' arrives on the mysterious but seriously disco & funk-dedicated US vinyl-only imprint Smokecloud.

Kicking things off on the A is 'Verry Free' - a badass beatdown edit that you may well recognize, as it's one that yes we have heard before...however it must be emphasized this B Jam take strays happily more than an arm's length away from both the original and the recent edits. Tough stuff and highly recommended for the true headnodding beatdown honchos. I reckon ze flip is my pick however, entitled 'I Don't Want It' - a slightly more uptempo number reaching heavily towards Diana Ross' 'Love Hangover' vocal that quite honestly has to be one of the most infectious out there in the dance music world; it's great stuff. This one calls for some slightly more serious head-down and druggy moments on the dancefloor, but hey what is a proper slammin' party without a couple of those eh?

B-Jam - Verry Free by Barry Fell

Already getting tons of plays by some of the big boys, snap this one up HERE before it disappears, we're not sure but we have a feeling it might be leaning slightly more on the limited side of the pressing plant.


  1. Much respect gentlemen...you made my fucking night!
    Peace + Protection

  2. And for those who want to go to the source: http://www.crosstalkintl.com/node/33633

    We're Smokecloud's distributor, Chicago represent.

  3. Check out Barrys other sterling releases on 78 Recordings here



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