The Glue - Without You (Sccucci Manucci)

Sccucci Manucci's 'Three is a Crowd' EP is right around the corner (a few test pressings were up on Juno and lasted a few minutes, so you'll have to be patient a few more weeks for the proper record to arrive). Perfect timing for a few words about the ever-likeable Sccucci imprint then.

I got to meet up with (superfriendly) label boss James Vorres over at ADE for a few beers. We talked about the label's name - which James admitted means absolutely nothing in Italian and is impossible to spell correctly -, clever ways of making your significant other believe the records you're bringing into the house are gifts/demos/incredible finds at the charity shop/left by some div at the station can you believe that? /etc and exploding record cases in Ibiza (a bizarre chain of events involving a lazy customs official, Tal M Klein's recordbag, a bomb disposal unit and a not so happy ending).

We also got talking about the release at hand here, which features tracks by Toomy Disco, South West Seven, Aeromaschine and The Glue. "Is it good?", I hear you asking? Well obviously it's good, you son of a silly person, it's a Sccucci release. I'm not going to sing praises to all the tracks here, but will single out one tune instead: The Glue's 'Without You', a really strong contender for the Sleazy 'rework of the year' Award for me. Which means a lot in a year in which the amount of reworks we get sent easily outnumbers all sketchy Nigerian investment offers, fake university degrees and penis enlargements opportunities combined.

I've been a big big fan of the work of the boys behind The Glue (who, as fellow Sleazeman Kris P got to witness when he played alongside them in Bergen, Norway, always dress up in a bunny and bear suit when they DJ out) for quite a while now. They popped their vinyl cherry with A Broken Heart on Untz Untz last year. Sharing a record with Rayko and totally overshadowing the Spanish edit meastro: no mean feat. Fastforward to release number two: a spot on Kolour LTD's ace I Love You But I've Chosen Disco Sampler earlier this year. Again, the Glue deliver the stand out cut with 'Real Good Lovin'. What makes these tunes so special is a combination of awesome source material (80s casio soul pop with a twist), clever chopping, fine programming and additional production (also see the WIKI "how to build a mesmerizing, moody, irresistable track").

Back to Sccucci again, and 'Without You' in particular. When I asked James about this track (I'd heard a demo before) he went 'ah yeah that track that really takes off halfway through'. And that's exactly what it does. Again, the source material is perfect (Marlene Shaw's Without You In My Life) and cleverly cut up over moody and deep hypnothising drums and swishy pads. You'll need a second to get used to the pitched up vocals here (Alvin and his chipmunk pals seem dangerously close at first), but once you do it's part of the charm and enchantment of the tune, which goes on nicely for a few minutes when bam! the track takes you straight into cosmic lala-land. I can't really explain it, best listen below:

There's just one thing I don't like about this record, and that is that its release will most likely coincide with our own release by Dead Rose Music Company. This will be some mean mean competition...

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  1. Yeah, that was a very sad ending to a pretty decent tour. Thankfully James styled me out. Good people!

  2. Nice article... and it was great meeting up with you! Same again next year? :-)

  3. I think both releases should fight to the death using old bent needles! A well deserved reccomendation for this release.


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