The Dead Rose Music Company - Moody Manoeuvres EP (SBR009)

Our 9th release came out today, a 4-track EP by The Dead Rose Music Company, and we think it's a bit of a biggie (but then we would, now wouldn't we). Here's what the super awesome people over at Juno had to say about it:

"Sleazy Beats Recordings is now a must check label for disco aficionados, and this EP from the mysterious Dead Rose Company maintains the label's strong track record with the production outfit's biggest release to date. "So Into You" begins with a springy bassline providing the backbone for a musculature of warm synth flourishes, with the sharp guitar licks cutting through like the proverbial knife through butter. "Hankasheef" meanwhile takes an 80s vocal snippet whose source will be right on the tip of your tongue, and marrying it with a mid-tempo groove and glorious filter action leading to an epic climax. On the flip side, "Kissing In The Dark" opens with a lush string section which provides the backdrop to a track that never seems to stop climbing. The EP ends with the blissful slo-mo action of "Come Closer", whose climactic horns offer a fitting end to a fantastic EP".

Have a listen below and pick your favorite.

   SBR009 - The Dead Rose Music Company / Moody Manoeuvres EP by SleazyBeats

Pick up a copy at Juno, Piccadilly, Phonica, Chemical or do the right thing and support your local shop if there's one around.

As a thank you for reading our ramblings and all the support over the past two years, we also have a little present for you. Dead Rose was kind enough to provide us with a reprise of Hankasheef, a killer DJ tool if we ever heard one. You can download it here for free (320 KB mp3)



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