Hunting for Sleaze

Every other day polite (and not so polite) e-mails reach Sleazy HQ inquiring about digital release dates ("whaddup you cannae find tis bitch on the Port nahmean. One Love") or help tracking down one of the records from our back catalogue. If you've been reading these pages, you should know by now we don't "do" digital (not now, not ever), so that's question number one answered for you. We also stick to the whole 'limited thing' (which means no represses, just one run and then they're gone). We would however like to help out those of you hunting for copies of our releases, as we know how infuriating it can be when you really want a record but just can't find it for the life of you. So here's the first edition of the 'Beginners guide to finding what you seek'. Hope it helps. Oh and stop saying 'One Love' will you, I have no idea what that actually means.

SBR009: The Dead Rose Music Company / Moody Manoeuvres EP
Came out late December 2011 and is still widely available. Easy does it! Head over to one of these fine outlets, swipe a card or two and presto, she's yours:
Juno / Piccadilly /

SBR008: Dirty Dancing Sampler (Modsleep/Lord of the Isles/The Noodleman/Dead Rose Music Company)

This has been sold out at the distro for quite a while now and is getting increasingly difficult to find. Chemical seem to have the last remaining stock, so head over there if you want a new and unused copy
Chemical Records

SBR007: La Tuerie / Basement Boutique EP

This little ditty took a little longer to sell out than usual but is all gone now from the distro and most of the usual haunts. Check Sleazy fav Piccadilly though, as they have a few copies left!

SBR006 / Francis Inferno Orchestra - The Night He Came Out EP
All gone. Prices on Discogs are very reasonable, so head over there and bag a copy while prices are low.

SBR005: Daniel Solar - 13th Hour Ep
Haven't seen a copy of this surface on Discogs for ages, it's rapidly becoming one of the hardest to find Sleazy Beats releases. One of Daniel's tracks made it onto the CD we did with Wolf Music. But that one sold out as well and is also going for silly money these days, so best try your luck at charity shops and messy record stores that don't do mailorder.

SBR004: Sleazy Family Sampler
Eddie C, Tornado Wallace, SE62 and Daniel Solar. Quite the lineup innit?. Rare as hen's teeth too. No copies on Discogs at the moment, so keep 'em peeled. They usually go for about 40 quid.

SBR003: Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies EP

Before TW moved on to bigger and better things, he released an EP on our little imprint that sold out really quickly. Used copies go for 70+ euros these days on Discogs, though we've seen them change hands on Ebay for far less.

SBR002: The Beatdown Soundmachine / Secret Service EP
The Beatdown Soundmachine - one of LTJ's many monikers - was the second artist on the roster. It took its time selling out back in 2010 but is now getting really hard to find and the Discogs vultures are rapidly increasing their prices. At the moment there's one copy for sale for 15 quid, seems somewhat reasonable.

SBR001: Eddie C / Rocket Science EP
Our very first release. Sold out in a flash and has been hard to find ever since. There's always a few copies of it floating around on Discogs if you're willing to shell out 50+ pounds...


  1. If you're stateside, still has one copy of SBR008. Suprised that any of the FIO (SBR006) is floating around and at a reasonable price. I still play all 3 cuts on the reg.

  2. Amoeba Records in Hollywood has one copy of SBR008 left, it's filed in the the House section under "M."

  3. Thanks for the 411 on those guys, good to know for those stateside.

  4. Vinyl Dreams ( also carries all Sleazy Beats records and currently has one copy of SBR009 in stock! We love you guys!

  5. This is absolutely the right way to do it: Keep it VINYL, keep it LIMITED!!
    You guys have my full support!! Where I come from (eastern Germany) many ,so called
    dj's, switched digital, telling me that's the future. Well, the real reason is: they don't
    wanna pay for the music anymore. The golden rule: If it's digital you get it for free. And of cause
    sound quality doesn't matter. A low quality UTube rip is all they need. It's disgusting.


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