Pop & Eye - Toil For Olive Oyl EP (Editainment)

Here at Sleazy Towers we are all about the physical product. Sure we play our share of digital downloads, but nothing quite matches up to a hot slab of wax rotating on the turntable. We are especially pleased when the record labels go that extra mile and do special bits such as limited pressings, silk screened record sleeves, colored vinyl, stickers, hand numbered releases... we're into all of that. So we're excited to hear about this great new 12" out now on theEditainment label. Their releases tend to be hand-stamped with love on both the record and the sleeve, and this one is no exception. The edits here are done by the Pop & Eye crew, which has been rumored to be none other than Tiger & Woods...although they deny everything. The liner notes say that this disc contains "four tracks like gentle uppercuts". Sounds fitting to me!

As their moniker suggests the Pop & Eye duo tend to edit more radio-friendly selections. Not an issue here. It is always good to recognize a bit of something on the dancefloor. The first cut, 'Being Boing', is a moody synth number that samples an old Pet Shop Boys tune. Then you have 'Blow Me Down', taking a bit of Sade's Sweetest Taboo and showcasing some of that stuttering T&W vibe these guys are so good at. Flip the wax over to find an edit of George Benson's Give Me The Night. I absolutely love what Tiger & Woods did with this song on a previous release, but here Pop & Eye slow things down and turn this into a beatdown monster! Rounding off the plate is 'Spinach Life' which loops pieces of the Crusaders classic Street Life up a notch into a smooth midtempo groove.

Purchase your copy of the record here while supplies last.


  1. Loving this too. "Being Boing" is probably gonna be the main cut for me (and I'm not even a Pet Shop Boys fan), but I dig them all.


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