Climbing Girl / LA Groove (Tip2Chip)

Not much info on this cheeky 12", but I know it's from Japan, I know it's superlimited (only 150 copies pressed), comes in a plain white record sleeve and it's absolutely badass. Climbing Girl on the A starts out with a short organ break, before moving into a lovely midtempo deephouse groove with chuggy drums, loopy keys, a vocal snip and guitar licks that will immediately put a smile on your face. LA Groove on the flip sticks to the same formula: a killer midtempo groove, propelled forward by chunky drums, some sweet cowbells, guitar loops put in all the right places and a driving bassline. Both tracks don't really do all that much, but the little they do, they do so so well.

Essential purchase, really happy I found a copy while browsing the 'just in' section at Clone last week. It seems like all the fun stuff is coming out of Japan these days (which sucks actually, as these imports tend to be a bit pricey). Well worth it though, one of the best things I've picked up this year.

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