Discoshit - Strike A Pose EP (Rest)

First release on the newly minted Rest label, set up by trusted deephouse troopers Herb LF (Westpark Unit) and Phil Decker (Sensual Touch) as an outlet for their more disco-oriented output ('the spirit of the time' as they call it). I've been always been a staunch fan of Herb LB/Farside, so hearing about a new project coming out of this camp is always exciting. What's funny with this release is that you can totally picture the pair of them sitting around in the studio asking themselves 'what to do with this discoshit'. Setting up a new label was a good call, as we're not dealing with lazy deephousecuts with some disco loops, but proper moody, bassheavy chuggers with just the right whiff of 80s analog synth disco and boogie. The source material of title track 'Strike A Pose' isn't too hard to guess but the track is anything but obvious. Building upon Madonna's familiar synths/strings, they conjure up a lovely moody number with some badass Theo-esque raw sounding drums. The A2 track, 'Sound Of' is a squelchy midtempo analog boogie monster that will please that fans of MAM's excellent release on FINA that came out a few weeks ago.

On the flip, the Discoshit boys drop the pitch and turn in Biwak, an irresistable slice of beatdown awesomeness reminiscent of the stuff Tosca and Boozoo Bayou used to make in the 90s. 'Number One' on the B2 is a glitchy midtempo synth workout with loads of drive and ballsy 80s toms. What a splendid debut, can't wait to hear more from these guys.

Out now on vinyl and digital. ("Sound Of" is wax only, so make sure to pick up the 12", it's well worth it)


  1. Thanks for Recommending!
    Just checked the Release and bought "Strike the Pose"
    It´s perfect!

    Best Regards from Germany


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